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  • Senior Scientist/Vice President (2006–), Creekside Center for Earth Observation: ecology, conservation biology, environmental modeling, climate change, geographical information systems (GIS), data/model integration, decision support systems. Currently on medical leave.
  • GIS Team Leader/Research Scientist (2001–06), Los Alamos National Laboratory, GISLab, Earth and Environmental Science Division
  • Associate Professor (1996–2001, tenured), Assistant Professor (1991–1996), University of Kansas (KU), Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Studies Program, and Kansas Biological Survey (with adjunct appointment in Department of Geography)


  • Harvard University (1979–85), MA in Biology 1981, PhD in Biology 1985. Dissertation: Mechanical architecture of arborescent rain forest palms in Costa Rica
  • University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) (1974–79), BA in Biology and Environmental Studies (double major) 1979, highest honors. Senior Thesis: Vegetation and flora of the UC Big Creek Reserve

Postdoctoral Experience

  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California at Davis (with S.L. Ustin) and Forest Research Institute, New Zealand (with D.Y. Hollinger) (1990–91): plant canopy architecture and function, remote sensing.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University Department of Biological Sciences (with H.A. Mooney) (1988–90): plant ecophysiology, close–range remote sensing, image analysis.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory Environmental Science Group (with F.J. Barnes)( 1986–88): canopy architecture, remote sensing, image analysis.

Professional Skills

  • Biological field studies: vegetation sampling, experimental design, field-deployed sensors.
  • Ecology and population biology: vegetation dynamics, ecophysiology, plant demography.
  • Education and outreach: science curriculum development, web-based tools.
  • Environmental modeling: solar radiation, topoclimate, eco-hydrology, climate change.
  • GIS and ecoinformatics: information management, data/model integration, visualization.
  • Image processing: advanced algorithms, applications for study of plant canopies.
  • Software development: design, advanced algorithms, programming, project coordination.
  • Spanish: near fluent.


  • Communication: presentations, reports, briefings, newsletters, web development
  • Financial management: budget preparation, tracking, reporting, audit coordination
  • Land Stewardship: conservation planning, adaptive management
  • Project administration: planning, implementation, review, reporting
  • Seminar and special event organization: planning, implementation, logistics
  • Supervision: mentoring, task planning, team building, conflict resolution
  • Personnel assessment: interim and annual evaluations, pay raise recommendations
  • Personnel recruitment: search committee logistics, interviews, hiring procedures
  • Program development: proposal preparation and submission, strategic planning

Honors and Awards

Best Paper of the Year Award, Journal of Map and Geography Libraries/Geoscapes (2008); Los Alamos Award for exemplary leadership (2006); Special Commendation for leadership of DOE Geospatial Science Steering Committee (2006); Los Alamos Spot Award (2004); Special Achievement in GIS, ESRI (2002); Best of Conference Interactive Poster, International Conference on Geospatial Information in Agriculture & Forestry (2000); First Place Analytical Poster, ESRI User Conference (1999); Armitage teaching award (1997); Commendation for role as chair of KU Departmental Long-Range Planning Committee (1994); NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship (1990-91); Stanford University Postdoctoral Fellowship (1988-90); Los Alamos Postdoctoral Fellowship (1986-88); Smithsonian Postdoctoral Fellowship (1986, declined); Jessie Noyes Fellowship through the Organization for Tropical Studies (1984-87); Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Graduate Fellowship (1985-86); NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant (1984-85); Fulbright Fellowship (1983-85); Organization for Tropical Studies Fellowship (1982-83); Atkins Fellowship, Harvard (1982-83); Sigma Xi Award (1981-82); President's Undergraduate Fellowship, UCSC (1978-79); Chancellor's Research Award, UCSC (1977-78); Natural History Honors Program, UCSC (1976-79); Piedra Blanca Scholarship, UCSC (1974-75).

Additional Experience

  • Visiting Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara, Dept of Geography (2002–05).
  • Adjunct Professor, University of New Mexico, Dept of Geography (2003–05).
  • Director, Helios Environmental Modeling Institute (HEMI), Tech Transfer LLC (1995–2002).
  • Visiting Professor, University of California, Berkeley (2000–01).
  • Visiting Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz (Sabbatical) (1997–98).
  • Consultant, NSF Grant, Stanford University, serpentine soil ecosystems. (1987–88).
  • Consultant, NSF Grant, OTS, Costa Rica: regeneration of tropical forest trees (1986–92).
  • Research Associate, Harvard University, Harvard Forest (1985–86).
  • Consultant, NASA, NSTL: canopy characterization in tropical forests, Costa Rica (1985).
  • Graduate Student, Resident Tutor in Biology, Harvard University, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology: evolutionary ecology, botany, canopy architecture, plant morphology, biomechanics of trees (1979–85).
  • Fulbright Scholar, Costa Rica: morphology and ecology of rain forest trees (1983–85).
  • Research Assistant, LANL (with Dr. J.S. George): image processing (1984–85).
  • Research Assistant, LANL (with A. Yamazaki): nucleotide/protein separation (1983).
  • Research Assistant, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (with J.M. Pleasants): pollination ecology and bumblebee foraging (1981).
  • Research Assistant, UCSC (with K.S. Norris): floristics and vegetation mapping for UC Big Creek Reserve (1978–79).
  • Research Assistant, UCSC (with B.J. LeBoeuf): behavior and population biology of elephant seals, Año Nuevo Island (1977–78).

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